An artist’s response to a unique moment in history.

What has the COVID-19 pandemic meant for creators and society at large?

In this unique moment in our collective history I wanted to respond through my work to reflect on our collective societal experience.

The collection includes a number of works influenced by the recent social experiences enforced on us by COVID-19.

‘Framed Memories’ is a series of colourfully painted picture frames influenced by the need to reflect on what we enjoyed in our daily lives just weeks ago. By creating these works I am attempting to frame my memories of good times that have passed. They are seen with fondness, nostalgia and a desire to return.

The natural elements are fundamental to life on earth.

‘Fundamental’ is a collection of 36 canvases depicting the elements of nature forced apart by hand drawn measurements. The elements work together to create a harmony for life on earth. By forcing them apart I attempt to illustrate how unnatural this man-made distancing feels.

How will we collectively bridge this gap and create a positive vision of the future?

In my current series, ‘2020 Vision’, I am creating 7 large-scale canvases which harness the spectrum attempting to imagine a brighter future. Using the analogy of the rainbow and employing rich, lush and generous brush strokes I hope that the colour and depth of composition on each canvas will create a human feeling that we long for and eagerly wait to return to.

I plan to have this series of paintings complete by the end of this summer.

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For more information and hi -res images of the ‘RESET’ series please reach out to me directly by email or phone. [email protected] +353 (0)86 216 1135.