Richard Hearns was born in Beirut and raised in Dublin.
His paintings document a search for an idyll. Driven by a deep spiritual sensibility, his experiences and connections with separate locations and cultures are combined to form a triangular history.

Meditative layers are applied in a physical expression of form, drawn from the discipline of martial arts and the rhythmic nature of rural life. Behind the search for paradise through paint lie all the tender realities of life.

Richard Hearns’ energy and enthusiasm define him as a person and fuel his insatiable pursuit of painting. His artwork will continue to evolve as life, art and experience shape his world.



Richard Hearns was born in Beirut on January 25th 1980. Eleven weeks later he is adopted and brought to Ireland.

Richard Hearns current artwork is steeped in the age old traditions of oil painting while at the same time engages, incorporates and marries modern and contemporary ideas and themes. Hearns has been drawing and creating images in mixed media since he can remember. Interested in graphic novels and film from an early age these platforms served to inspire and inform him. His processes have an eclectic foundation in mixed media. His artworks and interest in pictorial representation span a gigantic field.

In 2002 and 2004 respectively Richard Hearns was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Art – interdisciplinary Digital Media (IADT), and a Higher Diploma in Art, Craft and Design Education from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin (NCAD). During those years and the ones that followed he sojourned in South East Asia developing his craft and vision further. In 2011 Richard spent time in studio at the renowned Art Students League of New York  (est 1875) where he studied under Gregg Kreutz and Joseph Peller for a three month period.

In his representational paintings, whether they have their base in figure, landscape or still life, Richard tackles a pictorial narrative through the spring board of a strong pictorial concept . These concepts present themselves as problems to be investigated, solved and worked through. Richard ‘hangs’ each of his artworks on a separate concept to be explored.

Working primarily in oil since 2008 this incredibly alluring material brings Richard Hearns back to the studio each day to explore and master. His abstract paintings have a primary concern with the alchemy of oil paint, and the physicality involved. ‘Tackling the stuff of oil paint presents an altogether more internal vision, something inside coming out’.

Richard’s work has a deep spiritual context through which he explores the questions of creation and existence. ‘Drawn from the discipline of martial arts and the rhythmic nature of rural life. Meditative layers are  applied in a physical expression of form’. His enthusiasm for life and art define him as a person. His mission, to continue to build and develop himself in a holistic manner always heightening his artistic sensitivity and understanding.

In collections now spanning the globe Richard Hearns has exhibited widely and received many awards and important commissions with solo shows to date including five New York City one man shows, a solo exhibit in Paris and as well as a group shows in London and Germany.